Ad hoc announcements pursuant to Art. 53 of the Listing Rules

Here you can access all ad hoc announcements of the Edisun Power Group in chronological order, pursuant to Art. 53 of the Listing Rules of the SIX Exchange Regulation:

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31.08.2018 Strong half year result thanks to new facilities and low costs
  • Sales growth of 37% to CHF 6.63 million
  • Net profit increased by 66% to CHF 1.43 million
  • Equity ratio reaches 20%
  • Profit forecast raised to CHF 2.8 million
The acquisition-based growth strategy of the Edisun Power Group continues to pay off. The performance of the installations acquired last year is well above expectations. Thanks to additional low costs, the first half of the year closed with another record result. The outlook for the year as a whole will be raised accordingly.....

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10.08.2018 Erfreuliche Entwicklung der Edisun Power Gruppe

Die bisherige Geschäftsentwicklung der Edisun Power Gruppe liegt deutlich über den Erwartungen von Anfang Jahr......

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17.04.2018 2017 annual result:
Edisun Power Group reports outstanding year-end results
  • Revenue growth of 16% to CHF 9.52 million
  • EBITDA up 18% to CHF 6.94 million
  • Net profit up 62% to CHF 1.55 million
  • Proposes first dividend payment from capital contribution reserves of CHF 0.60/share
Edisun Power Group’s growth strategy is paying off. While acquisition and favorable weather conditions boosted revenue growth, strict cost management was also an important factor in the record result at the close of the 2017 financial year....

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22.02.2018 Stand 12 MW-Anlage Requena bei Valencia

Die 12 MW-Anlage, deren Projektrechte Edisun Power im Februar 2017 erwarb, wurde plangemäss Ende Dezember 2017 vom Generalunternehmer fertiggestellt. Die administrative Überprüfung für den Netzanschluss und die Zuordnung der Tarife dauert länger als erwartet, steht nun aber kurz vor dem Abschluss.......

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