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04.10.2021 Newsletter 2/2021

The record temperatures in the Mediterranean region, the devastating forest fires, the storms in Germany and the floods in Switzerland have once again made it clear that climate change can no longer be ignored. The scientific studies of the IPCC of the UNO (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), which were published at the beginning of August, have confirmed this insight and urge us to take action against these very worrying developments. Politicians and many companies have not remained inactive either and have announced or already adopted climate-friendly targets and measures......

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07.05.2021 Newsletter 1/2021

Edisun Power is in the fortunate position that the Corona pandemic has little impact on its operating business. Although the financial result suffered last year from the temporarily low electricity prices in Spain, our decentralized organization with good, long-standing partners for accounting and operations proved its worth once again, as they were able to carry out their activities locally without any significant hindrances.......

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(only available in German and French)